Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generate Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generate Integrity. Spirit and Integrity create Soul. This is how we grow at all levels.

What are your Qualifications?

However many holy words you read, 
However many you speak, 
What good will they do you 
If you do not act on upon them?

Do not believe what I tell you 
unless you with your discovery 
and own intellect find 
that they make sense to you.
.................. Buddha

Listen to what we say, study, discover yourself and see if they make sense to you. Learn from everything.

The three of us have done this combined for well over a 100 years.

Some of us have studied with Shaman, Mystics and Elders of other traditions. They donít give out certificates. Some of us went and learned everything on their own. You can only measure us by our character. Both approaches have their own merit. We donít steal from other cultures and call it our own. We donít fabricateďNew AgeĒ myths or follow people who make them up. We are careful when considering the words of Gods or spirits. They too have agendas. We donít follow traditions from a book and call ourselves this or that Grand Poobah. We donít follow sociopaths or support them.

Different spiritual traditions have common spiritual practices, techniques and methodologies. We have studied and practiced them, verifying the effect, the method and made comparisons to similar practices. We have studied the cultures, the people and the psychology for these different traditions, how they work in those cultures and made comparisons.

We are not sales people, flaunting tenuous connections to celebrities we donít believe in. We are not selling our version of rituals copied from someone elseís book. We are not selling a relationship to a God or a pantheon. We are not selling off of charisma and ego for ulterior motives regardless of what they might be. We are not plastic shaman misusing or approbating cultures and methodologies that are not ours. We are not vampires, leeches or social parasites. Those are all things we want to protect people from.

We are human. We make mistakes. We own those mistakes and fix them.

The only truths are the ones you find out for yourselves. Do we live up to these ideals? Are our actions and words in agreement? In many cases, have you attempted to learn what we mean by what we say and see if there are connections to what we do? Or, have you done that for anyone else? Leaders and Elders are not titles. They are relationships that have to be earned every day.